Nowadays, citizens and consumers have more power. Clients' needs get more and more specific, and their companies need solutions that can adapt to an ever-changing world. They need talents, experts in quite diverse critical fields, and a strong creative component that can propel their brand to its rightful place.

Aidoru Design is a consulting, marketing and software development agency, that was created in response to the market's new necessities. We work “in the cloud” from several cities or countries, without sharing a physical space and without any need for travelling.

What we are not, is a 360 degrees agency, a commercial machine selling whatever it can in order to keep up with sales figures. We are a group of professionals that have been joining on specific projects for over ten years.

  • We are cheaper than a traditional agency, but we offer an even greater skill set.
  • We spare our clients all unnecessary costs. We don't have fancy headquarters in expensive neighbourhoods, with top-class interior designs. We don't travel business and we don't own expensive cars.
  • We believe in collaboration, in non-hierarchic horizontal structures, and in service customization.

We have suppressed all unnecessary costs, that usually blow the cost of a project out of proportion, because they don't add value to the creative process. Neither do they make the final product any better.

We have over a hundred years of work experience in market-leading agencies. We deliver the same quality, while cutting out everything that doesn't directly enhance our productivity. We only focus on quality and swiftness.

In Aidoru Design there's no room for Juniors. Your project will always be handled by professionals with a high seniority, that are driven by passion and don't see work as a sacrifice. We love what we do.


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