With rapidly expanding online data clusters and and increasingly frequent migrations to the Cloud, flexibility is the key to maintaining operational efficiency. Aidoru Design can be a key to bridging the digital divide of any enterprise, even when the necessary skills for this type of operation can't be easily acquired on the market.

We specialize in associating with external companies to navigate this rapidly changing world.

For years we have maintained a highly qualified, flexible structure, acquiring or forming bonds with professionals or entities endowed with the appropriate skill sets. This means you will always have access to the necessary knowledge base, whatever your project may lead you. With a professional and careful approach, we are prepared to deliver whatever a client needs, when he needs it.

We also manage billing and progress updates in the cloud, so that the customer always has a clear and detailed view of both the costs and the state of development pertaining his project. In our vision, this represents a great added value in business to business relations, and provides the client with a transparent view on many aspects of our production process.


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