The trend in the world of web development points to an increasing use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The statistics of 2015 clarify this concept: 50.3% of all the users hat visited a website in the past year, did so using a mobile device. 25% of all online purchases are already placed via mobile phone.

Facing these data, the need and urgency of having a website that shows correctly in any digital medium is self evident. In Aidoru Design we achieve this goal with responsive design.

Responsive design is a design and programming technique that makes sure that a website "respond" to the device that displays it, by adapting the size, typography and layout so that the site is always readable, elegant, optimized for each medium.

Applying this technique right from the design phase, we achieve several goals.

  • Development time compression. Creating a single graphic design, optimized for all devices, is infinitely less time-consuming than creating different versions, each optimized for a specific case.
  • User bounce reduction. Most users who abandon a website from a mobile device, do so because they can't view the content easily. With responsive design, user experience is always relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Conversions improvement. Providing a user-friendly interface on mobile devices, it is much more likely that a user ends up placing an order or, for example, answering a questionnaire.
  • A unified marketing strategy for all media, more robust and effective as a result.

Since this trend has consolidated in the world of web development, we incorporated the technique of responsive design in the early stages of project development. We no longer conceive a new project without keeping mobile devices in mind.


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